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Stencil Making Chemicals

from Germany

Screen Making

Frame adhesive


Fast drying, two-component screen adhesive, very resistant to solvents

KIWOBOND 1100 PowerGrip is a fast drying, two-component screen adhesive for a highly chemical resistant bonding of screen meshes to frames made of aluminum, steel, wood and galvanized iron. It is applied by brush and after curing almost completely solvent resistant. KIWOBOND 1100 PowerGrip is fast drying with very short time in the stretching unit and allows bondings of screen meshes with hightension values without any loss of tension after having released the frame from the stretching unit. Theadhesive film does not embrittle and does not cut the mesh if some adhesive has been brushed into the screen surface. 



Hardener for two-component screen adhesive KIWOBOND 1100 PowerGrip, Color: red

KIWODUR 1100 PowerGrip is a dyed hardener for KIWOBOND 1100 PowerGrip giving the adhesive mixture a strong red color. A visual control of the applied adhesive quantity is therefore possible. For details about application and properties please refer to the technical data sheets for the adhesive component


Mesh Preparation



Liquid concentrate for degreasing and pre-treatment of screen printing stencils. Improves the flow properties of emulsions and reduces electrostatic charge of the mesh

KIWO MESH X-CEL K 10 is a concentrated, highly efficient screen mesh preparation which decisively improves the coating properties of direct emulsions and the water transference of indirect and direct screen printing films (e.g. KIWOFILM products) after the dilution of 1:10 with water. KIWO MESH X-CELK 10 solutions also act as degreaser and wetting agent, making it a universal agent for mesh pretreatment. Furthermore, KIWO MESH X-CEL K 10 has an antistatic action. Screens, prepared with KIWO MESH X-CEL K 10 do not show the typical problems associated with static electricity, such as spattering of the ink when printing on plastic substrates. Due to the improved adhesion of the emulsion to the mesh, KIWO MESH X-CEL K 10 also produces a higher resistance to long print runs, better printing properties of the ink and therefore a high quality print. KIWO MESH X-CEL K 10 can also be used in automatic cleaning/ decreasing units.


Stencil Making

Diazo Emulsion


Water resistant Diazo-photo emulsion

KIWOCOL 227 is used for the production of stencils which are resistant to aqueous printing media and plastisol inks. Mainly used for T-shirt and ceramic printing. Easily decoatable.


Highly viscous, one-component photopolymer emulsion for very high stencil build-up thickness.

POLYCOL XXL is a one-component photoemulsion. High viscosity and solids content make it especially suitable for direct coating of coarse mesh and the production of stencils with a high coating thickness. Stencils made with POLYCOL XXL are typically used for printing Plastisol, sealing compounds, special applications of the textile and ceramic industry, as well as granulates.

Diazo-Dual Cure Emulsion


Highly viscous Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion 

AZOCOL POLY-PLUS HV is used for the production of high-quality, solvent and water resistant stencils. High viscosity and solids content make it especially suitable for the coating of coarse mesh or for stencils that require a high coating thickness (electronic industry, gasket printing,...).



For post-hardening of direct screens
KIWOSET HP is used to increase the water resistance of photoemulsions which are alreadywaterproofed. Even waterproof emulsions contain water soluble components, so an absolute waterresistance without post-treatment is impossible KIWOSET HP gives the screen a higher resistance butmakes decoating more difficult.With many solvent resistant photoemulsions their water resistance can be increased after treatment withKIWOSET HP. Short print runs with water based printing inks and adhesives (e.g. KIWOPRINT D series)are possible. At high air humidity, which can influence the printing resistance of a screen, a posttreatmentwith KIWOSET HP is necessary.KIWOSET HP can be used on polyester, nylon and metal meshes. It is not corrosive.

Stencil Cleaning

Stencil Cleaning Maually


Water emulsifiable screen cleaner

PREGAN C 444 M is a water emulsifiable solvent mixture for the quick and safe removal of many printing inks. Fresh and dried ink residue can be removed from the screen with PREGAN C 444 M after rinsing with water. Due to its formulation, it is especially suitable for screen printing purposes, i.e. although having excellent cleaning properties, it has very little attack on photo emulsions. PREGAN C 444 M is free from aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Entrainment by solvents can be eliminated in adapted biological sewage plants.



Stripping agent for hardened, flat screen-printing and textile-printing screens

PREGASOL 175 F is a decoating agent for chemically hardened stencils. It has an excellent soaking capacity with regards to nearly all commonly used flat-printing photo emulsions without attacking the polyester mesh considerably. The emulsion can be removed from the screen with a high-pressure water-washer.


Screen decoating concentrate (1:20)

PREGASOL K-FL 1:20 is a highly concentrated, liquid screen decoating solution which is used in a dilution of 1:20 with water. The high dilution possibility is especially suitable for the use in automatic screen decoating units. PREGASOL K-FL 1:20 solutions are colour- and odourless, free from chlorine, do not  damage the mesh and do not bleach. A milkyness which often occurs when diluting with chalky water - especially with products in powder form - does not appear. Suitable for all direct photo emulsions and and flms (not for indirect films).


Post Mesh Treatment


Alkaline activator and screen cleaner based on biodegradable solvents 

PREGAN MEGACLEAN X-TRA is a viscous, solvent based, alkaline screen cleaner for the removal of ink ghost images after decoating. In combination with ghost image removers (e.g. PREGANANTIGHOST) it can also be used as an activator for the removal of emulsion residue and Diazo veils. PREGAN MEGACLEAN X-TRA has a high flash point and is almost odour free. The high viscosity allows application by using a coating trough or brush. In usual working dilution, the cleaner/ water mixtures can be emptied into adapted biological sewage plants.


Spray Adhesive

Aqua Tec NF2

Water based, CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) free, non-flammable spray adhesive 
AQUA TEC NF 2 is a non-combustible, sprayable adhesive that does not contain CFCs as propellants. The main field of application is fabric fixation on printing tables, during the printing process, particularly when using flash-curing units for drying. In addition, it is suitable for adhering various materials such as paper, cardboard, textiles, glass and many plastics.