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Squeegee Rubber

The leading manufacturer of squeegees from FRANCE



serilor® SR1 & SR3

Universal color coded squeegee blades for all applications. Available in most colors, profiles and dimensions, in single, double and triple durometer 

 serilor® HR1 & HR3

High Resistance squeegees: for use with industrial and UV inks that require optimal abrasion and chemical resistance. Available in white color, in most profiles and dimensions , in single, double and triple durometer.


serilor® HR5

Designed for high tolerance and specialty printing: 5 layers of soft hard high resistance polyurethane offer both rigidity for precision printing and softness to absorb vibrations. Available in graphic dimensions only with several elasticity modulus and printing edge hardnesses

serilor® CD

For optical media printing, packed in convenient ready-to-use pre-cut sizes. These blades offer 4 sharp cut edges for precision printing. Various sizes in single, double and triple durometer are available.

serilor® CERAM

High Resistance squeegees in durometers ranging from 35 to 55sh as needed for the direct printing of ceramics or tiles. Also available with soft core and 75 shA edges for curved substrates (CERAM 3).


For high precision screenprinting applications such as pcb’s, solar panels, CD’s… Made in a superior abrasion and agressive-inks resistant polyurethane, serilor® D blades offer a long life associated with a perfect knife-cut printing edge.

serilor® AS

Conductive polyurethane to help reduce static problems in screenprinting. Development product available as a special only.

serilor® PROFILES

P0 : Straight square edge
P1 : Double bevel + flat land 60° angle + 1mm flat (±0,5mm)
P2 : Single bevel + flat land 45° angle + 1mm flat (±0,5mm)
P3 : Round bevel
P5 : Double bevel (V type)
P6 : Single bevel 45° angle
D : «Diamond» square profile (±0,3mm)