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CTS Machine - Signtronic


Since 1980 SignTronic AG has developed and produced HighTech equipment for the
Graphic Arts industry. The over the years well established SignTronic StencilMaster
became the market leader in the computer-to-screen segment.
The rigid, heavy machine structure and the high quality materials and components
built in, ensure highest precision, standardised screen production and repeatable results.
The optical engine has been especially developed by SignTronic and Zeiss. It guarantees
a constant and homogeneous screen exposure over years.
The horizontal exposure process is carried out bi-directionally. The exposure head is
mounted on an air bearing shuttle which allows an extremely precise and time efficient,
vibration free screen exposure.
The new 330 Watt light source increases the exposure speed and cures all current
emulsions easily. With a resolution of 1270 or 2400 dpi, the SignTronic StencilMaster offers
always a market oriented an excellent solution.
In addition to the StencilMaster as a stand alone machine, it can be integrated into a fully
automated screen-exposure line. The StencilMaster is already factory prepared for easy
integration and will be the core of every in-line solution.
Quality securing measurements will be carried out during the entire screen production
process continuously. The substantial quality control of the exposure machines before
delivery, guarantees a smooth incorporation in your production process.
Over all, the SignTronic StencilMaster offers the perfect solution concerning increased
process stability, reduced production cost and improved print quality. Finally it will help
to maintain the long term competitive edge of your company.


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