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CTS Machine - I JET 2


The KIWO I-JET® 2 and XL is the impressive result of combining a decade of experience in Computer-To Screen imaging with more than two decades of experience in systems integration of ink-jet technology.

The KIWO I-Jet® 2 is perfect for the smaller textile shop that makes only a few screens per day. It is equally suited for the industrial garment printer imaging hundreds of screens per shift or the medium format graphic printer.

The advanced software and hardware of the KIWO I-Jet® 2 along with a new semiautomatic imaging mode allow for the highest workflow efficiency. Equipment safety features ensure that the operator is protected and that the system fulfills the rigorous requirements of international industrial certifications

By eliminating the use of film, the manufacturing process is reduced from 13 to jus 4 steps. thus screens can be made significantly quicker, more economical and with higher process reliability. The KIWO I-Jet 2 not only offers huge savings but also a great improvement in quality, which can be seen in the print.
  • No more film costs
  • Reduction in the re-make rates of screen production
  • Shorter exposure times
  • Dimensional stability of the original (register accuracy)
  • Reduction in the number of process steps
  • No film archiving
  • Reduced amount of time per screen
  • Faster set up times on the printing machine
  • Higher productivity and shorter delivery times
The KIWO I-Jet® 2 is complemented by a front-end package, and a support group that has the knowledge to smoothly integrate the system into production and to provide quick, reliable support when needed. Nothing compares!

pdf RIP technology for the KIWO I-Je 2

pdf KIWO I-Jet 2 brochure