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Auto Printing Machine - Adelco


Adelco have served the textile printing industry for nearly 40 years. Our experience & expansion has resulted in the development of a new class, value and specification in our ellipse automatic oval textile press.

Modular Design:
The Ellipse oval structure is modular, designed and built in six station modules, print heads can be fitted to any station. With a twin pallet end drive module and twin pallet end driven module it offers complete flexibility in the configuration of your machine.

Servo Driven Index:
Servo drive offers powerful, high speed smooth index in either clockwise or anti clockwise direction. Single or double index options.

Lifetime Registration:
Three position pallet lock system on every pallet arm which disengages the pallet from the drive mechanism ensures consistent, reliable pin point lifetime registration.

Servo Driven Printheads:
Servo driven print heads deliver exceptional speed control & torque even at lower speeds. Print head features adjustable screen chase, four way responsive micro registration, quick release squeegee & flood blades, Pneumatic screen clamps, adjustable print/flood stroke, front & rear off contact & leveling adjustment , Quick release high lift facility for rapid screen cleaning or Flash cure docking, every head fitted with touch panel control for all main printing functions.

Advanced PLC control system:
Advanced Siemens PLC control system with human interface for all operator functions, including Auto Start, Auto Finish, sample print, Jog mode, multiple print stroke, Print mode selection, manual & automatic modes, Pallet delay ,cycle count and self diagnostics.

pdf [Download BROCHURE]