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Machine Craft

Machine Cratf stareted in 2008, is a manufacturer of Manual Screen Printing Machine, Fabric Inspection Machine, GSM Cutter, Fabric Marker Pen, Aluminum Frame, and many more. Our range of products offers a perfect combination of high quality equipment with versatile user friendly features. We also produce knitting accessories and related items also. Our moto is "WE KNOW YOUR NEEDS."

Precise Marker Pen is made by local manufacturer PROKNIT ENGINEERING Ltd. They are renowned through the country as manufacturer and importer of textile machinery and spare parts since 1999.

Sample Cutter cut out rapidly and accurately circular specimen of particular fixed area. from virtually any type of material, including Woven, non-Woven and knitted textile, film, foam, paper and board.It is specially recommended for yield testing, i.e. weighting per unit
area. For example. if a specimen of 100 cm2. which is exactly one hundredth of a square meter, is weighted in Grammas, the result, when multiplied by 100. is Grammas per Square Meter (GSM).

We manufactured it locally using local and foreign materials under our strong quality supervision.

To maintain the efficiency of the Cutter. Blades and Boards should be turned of changed when they became damaged of blunt. For the best result, only the approved BLADES (MARTOR, GERMANY) and BOARD (PROKNIT. BANGLADESH) should be used.

30, Soydana (Maleker Baree)
Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh
Phone: +88 02 9293855, 04477010688
Fax: +88 02 9293815
Email: info@proknit.com.bd

Mobile: 01612132158


Machine Craft Factory

GSM Cutter

Fabric Inspection Machine

Manual Printing Machine

Precise Marker Pen