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Proknit Engineering is a very popular and trustworthy name in the textile sector in Bangladesh. Engineer Khan Ali Mortuja founded "PROKNIT ENGINEERING LIMITED" in 1999 as a service oriented trading house in the textile market of Bangladesh. Acting in this field for over 12 years PROKNIT has been specializing in the marketing of Textile machine with spare parts. In this field only PROKNIT have a strong engineering group for service and sales to operate their mar-keted machines/spare parts with high performance.


At present the PROKNIT Engineering Ltd occupies 25 members of the staff and represents about 16 different world famous manufacturing companies around the world. The company is presently working with strong sales network over the country and successfully marketing some products imported from USA, Germany, UK, France and Switzerland. PROKNIT maintains a small warehouse for their imported goods. Prompt delivery with competitive price and best quality with good service is PROKNIT 's main mission.

For the finishing section in the textile industries Proknit is the distributor of the world famous German Osthoff-Singeing machine in Bangladesh. PROKNIT also distributes Ink, emulsions, bonds and reclaiming agent etc. that are related to screen-printing. PROKNIT also has two sister concerns naming Precise Knitwear Ltd and Machine Craft Ltd. Precise Knitwear Ltd is one of the leading knitting factories to support with quality fabric to the exporters of knit garments.

The Machine Craft Ltd. is the manufacturer of manual screen-printing machine, fabric inspection machine, GSM Cutter, fabric marker pen, stretching machine, Aluminum frame and many more. PROKNIT is an ISO certified company which received its ISO certificate in the year 2010 from Germany.